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TimeSoft is an AIoT Bigdata convergence service provider and biometric authentication security service company

We are a global company that provides AIoT big data convergence platform services and biometric security solutions.
Dreaming of a future where the socio-economy operates in a virtual space, new types of media will enrich culture, and smart AI will make life more convenient and prosperous.
We are committed to creating a new data convergence environment that makes this possible realistically.
In addition, data security through biometric authentication makes it the most important value for customers for optimal data information service by realizing a secure business.

To secure your valuable information and deliver valuable information, go beyond the limits of technology with sophisticated ideas and relentless execution.
Timesoft Co., Ltd., a global company that will lead the future innovatively.


Present ~ 2003


MammothData Category 42 trademark registration (No. 40-1991414)
MammothData Class 09 trademark registration (No. 40-1991412)
Intellectual traffic control system and method patent registration to cope with pedestrian unexpected situations (No. 10-2555076)
Intellectual intersection vehicle flow control system and its control method patent registration (No. 10-2611784)
capital increase


Software Processes Quality Certification (SP2)
INNOBIZ (Technology Innovation Small and Medium Enterprises) Recognition
Recognized by the Ministry of Science and ICT as a professional research business operator


Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Awarded Commendation Award
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Factory Registration
Recognized venture companies (innovative growth type)
MammothData platform copyright registration
Ministry of Science and ICT R&D service registration


Director General of the Korea Educational Research and Information Service
Selection of Seoul-type Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


AI Big Data Appliance (Mammoth Data) product launch and service delivery


Social Security Information Service Commendation Awarded


Acquisition of Information and Communications Engineering License
Capital increase


Establishment of Yeongnam Branch
Patent Registration on ontology (No. 10-0868331)


Venture Business Certification
INNOBIZ Selection
the Minister of Education's Commendation Award
Software Processes (SP) Grade 2 Certification


Establishment of an enterprise-affiliated research institute


CMMI (International Standard Software Competency Assessment Model) Level 2 achieved


TimeSoft Inc. Established


TIMSoft-KTNF to collaborate on high-performance AI big data analytics appliance products

[KTNF CEO Lee Joong-yeon (left) and Time Soft CEO Kim Chul-hee agreed to cooperate with each other to expand products of high-performance AI big data analysis appliances]

Timesoft's artificial intelligence (AI) big data-based data analysis technology and KTNF's server platform technology combined
The two companies have decided to establish a complementary cooperation system in the domestic big data solution market.
Accordingly, the two companies combine high-performance server-based artificial intelligence (AI) big data analysis solutions that can process large-capacity big data with HW An all-in-one appliance "Mammoth Data" has launched a product.
This product provides high-performance data distribution processing capabilities by applying in-memory base to high-performance servers.
It also provides an AI big data platform that integrates functions such as Scale Out, Auto Scaling, and collection, storage, processing, analysis, and visualization of big data.

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Salt Lux Recruiting Crowd Workers for 'Korean Dialect AI Data Construction Project'

["Korean dialect AI data construction project" promotional poster for crowdwalker recruitment]

This project is one of the 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning Data Construction Project hosted and organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Choi Ki-young) and the National Information Society Agency (Director Moon Yong-sik, NIA) In the future, it is a project to collect and process dialect data for artificial intelligence learning on a large scale so that artificial intelligence can understand regional dialects well.
With over 15 years of expertise in building data for super-scale learning, SaltLux is in charge of organizing, including local language, data building, and quality inspection.
The project will be carried out as a consortium of 15 organizations with sectoral expertise.
The implementation agencies for each region are ▲(Gangwon-do) Infinik, DQ, Timesoft ▲(Gyeongsang-do) Sorizaba, Core Information ▲(Jeollado) Saltlux Kwangin Intelligence Center

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Jeonbuk Techno Park selects 'Building Call Center Consultation Data in Welfare Sector' task

[Reference image for call center in welfare field]

Jeonbuk Techno Park Digital Convergence Center is operated by Jeonbuk-do, a wide-area mobile support center, a mental health welfare center, and the Jeollabuk-do Economic and Trade Promotion Agency, a regional organization.
Based on voice counseling data from private and public call centers operated by Wonkwang University Hospital, respectively, Build learning data necessary for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
In addition to Jeonbuk TP until December 2021, this project will involve companies specializing in artificial intelligence such as Timesoft, KLCube, Conan Technology, and Ace Solutions.
Data on various types of counseling in the welfare sector will be collected and thorough data quality verification will be carried out.

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TimeSoft Wins 2nd AI Voice Learning Data Build Project

["Korean dialect AI data construction project" promotional poster for crowdwalker recruitment]

Timesoft (CEO Kim Chul-hee) was selected as the host of news scripts and anchor voice data in the voice data construction sector of the 'Second Project for Artificial Intelligence Learning Data Construction in 2022' I revealed.
Organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and promoted by the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Agency (NIA), this project project can be used for artificial intelligence The challenge is to build a dataset to be applied to the technology of converting text into speech (TTS).
More than 50 announcers participate to convert 4,000 news scripts into 1,000 hours of voice data.
··· Through this task, the news script text can be applied to real life such as news broadcasting, machine reading research, unstructured data Q&A, and interactive systems with the voice of an announcer.
It can be used in many fields such as AI speakers, AI chatbots that read news articles, and assistant services.

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Intelligent Information Industry Association AIIA Journal vol 65.

[Artificial Intelligence Learning Support's own platform "Generation AI"]

Timesoft Co., Ltd. includes multi-year broadcasting, Korean dialect, welfare call centers, news anchors, etc.
Construction of voice learning data, technology development projects based on extreme disaster response, statistics on abuse of persons with disabilities, construction of demonstration equipment for blockchain network algorithms,
We are engaged in businesses such as building energy data storage, analysis, and prediction, as well as utilizing the Korean soccer data platform, engineering big data platform, and engineering software.
We also developed STT and TTS engines. Through the continuous advancement of voice artificial intelligence, voice intelligent knowledge search, smart factory, smart farm, smart ICT, etc.
We provide data convergence services from design to operation management.

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AI Learning Support Platform 'Gen AI' Launched

[Timesoft plans to release AI learning support platform "Gen AI"]

Time Soft (CEO Kim Chul-hee) announced on the 9th that it will release 'Gen AI', an artificial intelligence (AI) learning support platform.
In addition, voice AI advancements enable voice intelligence search, smart factory, smart farm,
It provides data convergence services from design to operation management centered on smart ICT.
TimeSoft is serving a private cloud integrated mammoth data platform product that integrates big data, AI, and blockchain platforms.
While carrying out the tasks of the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Promotion Agency for many years, voice learning data was established through Korean dialect, welfare call centers, and news anchor data.


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MOU on joint projects for biometric authentication login solutions

[Union-Tomato-Timesoft, Bio-Certification Login Solution Joint Project MOU]

Bio-aware security solution company Union Community is an integrated certified single sign-on (SSO) solution company, Tomato System,
It announced on the 3rd that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with AI big data platform company Timesoft for a joint project of a biometric authentication-based SSO and portal login solution.
The biometric-based SSO/Portal login solution provides a single login environment for the Union Community's integrated biometric authentication algorithm It is characterized by enhanced security through biometric authentication in conjunction with the Tomato System XSignOn solution.
With this agreement, the Union Community will build an integrated login solution and platform using face recognition algorithms.
Tomato systems support its SSO integration and software optimization.
TimeSoft supports optimization of MammothData-based distributed performance processing system for simultaneous processing of large amounts of data.

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Award and License

Patent Application
Quality Certification(SP2)
Trademark Registration
Copyright Registration
Mammoth Data Server
Data Services
Factory Registration Certificate
Mammoth BI Convention
Excellent Standby Power Reduction Products
Venture Business Certificate
ETRI Technology Transfer (IoT)
R&D Services

Intelligent Traffic Control System capable of coping with pedestrian unexpected situations

Ministry of Science and ICT's award certificate

Intelligent Intersection Vehicle Flow Control System



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