Integrated Biometric Cloud Services

Biometric (facial recognition, fingerprint, vein, card, mobile) authentication security such as same sign on and single sign on
     based on cloud (SaaS) allows resources to be used without passwords when logging in.

Provides integrated services for enterprise PC security and access control security

Provide attendance management, schedule management, and work convenience for office work, business trips, telecommuting, etc.

Integrated Biometric Cloud Services
Work system login

No delegation/transfer or theft to others

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Integrated Management

Reflect and monitor real-time security policies for business devices and users.

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Automatic lock

Real-time image analysis measures security risks around work environment.

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Home/Office/Business Trip Management

Ensure efficient business management and system access history.

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Integration of access control system

Building an integrated security system based on biometric server authentication.

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Real-time security monitoring

Provide visualization data for security systems

Biometrics-Based PC Security Cloud Service

Secure security management of data and devices and efficient business management
Integrated solution for biometric security authentication based on server authentication
As well as registering/deleting devices and users remotely
You can set security policy in real time
Provides biometric security authentication services to multiple devices and users
Share biometric information with other biometric authentication-based solutions (access control)
Additional security and convenience features can be provided to users
(Work check / Work status / Location check, etc.)
Windows 10 or later support
Photos stored in the user's personnel information or taken through a device
Biometric information can be registered
The user's biometric information is distributed and stored on the server.
The stored data can be obtained through an automatic encryption algorithm
Periodic encryption changes to save and manage
Even after the integrated biometric login
When unauthorized detection and unauthorized detection through real-time image analysis
Recognize the situation and provide automatic locking
A regular camera mounted on the device provides biometric forgery prevention